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Will Ferrell Loves Sports

Will Ferrell is always full of surprises. You never know what he is going to do next. Throughout the years Will has made many appearances in the sports world. This may not surprise some who already know, but Will Ferrell studied sports broadcasting at the University of Southern California before he pursued a career in comedy/acting.

Will’s most recent appearance was at the Staples Center Tuesday night during the Lakers vs Suns game. Ferrell dressed as a security guard and stood on the court. “Ted Vagina”, which was the name printed on Will’s name tag, was very serious and played the part to a “T”. Will even took it as far as ejecting former Laker Shaqille O’Neal.

Now that is what I call funny! Here are a few other appearances of the great Will Ferrell.

  • Will Ferrell introduced players during Hornets vs Bulls game in 2011:
  • In 2010 pitcher Billy Ray “Rojo” Johnson, aka Will Ferrell, made his baseball debut with the Round Rock Express:
  • In 2008 Will Ferrell accepted the Best Male Athlete award at the EPSY as Tiger Woods:
  • Will Ferrell jumped on stage at the EPSY in 2006 to serenade Lance Armstrong:

These are just a few of Will Ferrell’s sports appearances. If any of you know of any others you would like to share, feel free to comment below.





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