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Another Oops by Mayor Menino

On Wednesday the mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino goofs on sports names yet again. Mayor Menino was having a phone conversation with the mayor of Baltimore in front of the media. They were talking about the upcoming AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens.

During the conversation mayor Menino says, “We have Tom Brady here, we have Tom Brady here, we have Tom Brady here. He’s been our point person all season long. And Stevan Ridley, he’s been another great guy. And Wilcock.” Menino was referring to New England’s defensive lineman Vince Wilfork, #75, whose jersey he has on during the conversation. Menino is also holding a sheet of paper which I would guess has the names of the players on it. Even with the paper he still messes up the names of star players.

The conversation continues with Menino later saying, “We have it all. Hernandez is going to do a great job. He’ll step in for Gonk because Gonk’s hurt.” The mayor meant to say “Gronk,” which is the nickname of Rob Gronkowski who broke his forearm and will not play the rest of the postseason. At least he was closer this year than last year when he called him “Grabowski.”

The mayor joked about his mess up on Thursday when he tweeted out, “How could we have a championship season in New England without some new #Meninoisms? cc @Wilfork75 @RobGronkowski #PatriotsNation”

Mayor Menino cracks me up when he messes up like this. No one is perfect and it just makes for a good laugh when he does this because he has done it so many times in the past. I love that he shows his sense of humor and laughs about his “Meninoisms” with us.

To read about some of this past mistakes refer back to my past blog: Oops! Mayor of Boston did it Again.



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