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Tony Romo’s Mistake

The Dallas Cowboys head to Washington this weekend to play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday September 16, 2012 at 3:05 PM (CT). Tony Romo has not been back to play in Seattle since 2006. A night that Cowboy fans have never forgotten.

In 2006 the Cowboys played the Seahawks in Seattle in an NFC wild-card playoff game. In a playoff game fight for the championship the Dallas Cowboys had a chance to win it but just didn’t do it, or I should say…. Romo didn’t do it. With 1 minute and 19 seconds left in the 4th quarter the Dallas Cowboys were down by 1 point, 20-21. They were only 19 yards away from the field goal on the 4th down, so they were going to kick it for 3 points. Tony Romo would be the holder for the Cowboy’s kicker, Martin Gramatica. This would be the play to put the Cowboys in the lead and probably win the game with such little time left. But Romo messed it up. After the snap Romo fumbled the ball and could not get it in position in time for the kick. After the ball’s side touched the ground Romo tried to quickly pick it up to run it in but the Seahawks tackled. The ball was then turned over to the Seahawks and they won the game by 1 point. It was a sad moment for the Dallas Cowboys and all their fans.

Since then the Cowboys have not been scheduled to play in Seattle till now. This weekend Romo will return to Seattle to play the second game of the season. Romo said he has taken that moment and has learned from it. “Football is a great game. It teaches you a lot of lessons. It’s about your ability to interact with other people. From that game, it’s like anything in life. From adverse situations you learn from it and get better. You can teach yourself certain things and that was part of it,” said Romo.

That mistake Romo made was as a holder and not his normal quarterback position it was still his responsibility. Some may argue it wasn’t his responsibilities people’s lists for not liking Romo should not include plays with him in any other position than quarterback. Others can make the argument that holders are usually quarterbacks on the team, so it is one of their jobs. I guess it just depends on if you are a Romo fan or not.

Teammate Jason Witten said, “I remember more than anything his mindset of, ‘Man, I feel like I let everybody around us down,’ you know? I do think he uses that fuel. That’s what kind of teammate he is. Not only for himself [and] for what he wants to achieve but he wants others to have that success. He wants it bad for them.” Romo is a good teammate and does what he can to be a good leader for his team. I am sure he wants a championship for his team and teammates just as much as any other quarterback in this league. I am personally not a fan of Romo, but I am sure he is a hard worker and a good teammate. He would not still be here if he wasn’t. I do not watch the Cowboys all that much, but every time I do I always see Romo throwing interceptions and making all sorts of mistakes. So learning of the 2006 mistake it was not a surprise to me. In 2006 Romo had no excuses and should have been able to hold the football. I give him props though for his quick thinking to pick it up and try to run it in. Maybe I am watching Romo at all the wrong times, but from what I see and hear sometimes, that is my opinion I have formed. This Sunday I predict the Cowboys pull out another win because they have something to prove this game, or at least Romo does. Maybe he doesn’t feel like he does but I am sure he knows that fans feel he does. Normally I could not see the Cowboys starting the season 2-0 but I think this year, with this game, they might. Plus I am not sure Seattle is all that good either.



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