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Terrell Owens returns to the NFL

Terrell Owens signed a one-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks Monday August 6, 2012 worth $1 million. In the 15 seasons of Owens NFL career he has caught 1078 total receptions (REC), ran 15,934 yards (YDS), and made 153 touch downs (TD). During the 2010 season, the last time Owens played in the NFL before now, Owens played in 14 games and caught 72 total receptions (REC), ran 983 yards (YDS), and made 9 touch downs (TD).

Terrell Owens, T.O, started his NFL career playing 8 years for the San Francisco 49ers from 1996-2004. In 2004 Terrell Owens joined the Philadelphia Eagles for two seasons before he was released from the team, but it did not take him long to sign with the Dallas Cowboys. Owens was a Cowboy for 3 seasons then moved on to the Buffalo Bills for one season, and the Cincinnati Tigers for another. After the 2010 season Terrell Owens had a knee injury that scared teams away along with his off-field baggage from all throughout his NFL career. Although Owens is an outstanding and talented wide receiver, his attitude often gets him into trouble with the league, teammates, and incidences off the field. Teams did not want to take a chance on him so Owens did not play in the NFL for the 2011 season. Owens was forced to join the Indoor Football League and played with the Allen Wranglers. Owens also became part owner when he joined the team but it did not last long. T.O.’s outspoken attitude quickly came about when Owens refused to play in some of the away games, missed some mandatory meetings/appearances (one being at the Children’s Hospital), and much more. The Wranglers let him go as player and owner.

Yesterday morning Owens worked out with the Seattle Seahawks and really impressed them. During workout Owens ran the 40 in only 4.45 seconds. The Seattle Seahawks liked what they saw and signed him later that night. Owens went home and tweeted, “God is good. Thankful. Grateful. To ALL my new teammates & the “12th Man”… Let’s Do This!! ” The Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll also got on twitter last night and tweeted, “”@terrellowens welcome to the land of the #12thMan Terrell, see you in the morning… 8am meetings!!” They are all very excited to have Terrell Owens as their wide receiver.

I am very happy for Terrell Owens getting the chance to come back and play for the NFL and look forward to watching him play. Owens is a very interesting player to watch, but the Seahawks need to be careful of his T.O. personality. There is no arguing that Owens is a very talented player and in the past has been one of the best receivers in the league, but Owens can get very cocky, outspoken, and careless. My guess is that his T.O. personality will show almost immediately and it will cause the team to rethink signing him. It was smart of Seattle to only sign him to a one-year contract.

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