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Delonte West back to Dallas?

Guard, Delonte West was let go by the Dallas Mavericks back in November. Since then West has not been picked up by any teams.

Delonte_WestThen yesterday news came out that the Memphis Grizzlies are thinking about signing West to a 10-day contract. The Grizzlies are expected to decide this week what they are going to do. If Memphis does not sign West he will enter the D-league. If that is the case West will have the chance to join the D-league team that is at the top of the waiver line, which just so happens to be the Texas Legends. The Texas Legends are the D-league team of the Dallas Mavericks.

Marc Stein with ESPNDallas.com wrote, “A source close to West told Jeff “Skin” Wade of the Ben and Skin Show on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM that the guard prefers a potential situation with the Legends to the Grizzlies scenario in hopes that a good showing with the D-League team could put him back into favor with the Mavs, who released him before the regular season began.”

As much as I loved Delonte West with Dallas, I don’t think it would be in his best interest to play for the Mavericks’ D-league team. With how things ended for him in Dallas, I feel it would be best for him to start fresh somewhere else and work his way up there. I don’t know all the details to the event/events that led up to the Mavericks decision to let West go, but either way it happened. Who’s to say that won’t happen again? Then that would put West back out of the NBA yet again. Also even if West does go to the the Texas Legends and plays really well, will the Mavs even consider calling him back up? West would just be wasting his time with the Texas Legends if that is not something the Mavs would ever do.

I like West and believe him to be an aggressive defensive and offensive player. I am not saying I wouldn’t like to see West back in Dallas, I just think it would be a better career move for him to be somewhere else. So I hope that Memphis signs him and he can get back on the court by next week, even if it is only with a 10-day contract to start.


To read about the last incident that happened just before West was let go by the Mavericks read: Delonte West Suspended Again!



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