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Super Bowl XLVI Giants Win!

Super Bowl XLVI turned out to be as close of a game as people expected it to be. In Super Bowl XLVI the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots. Both teams made great plays as well as a few mistakes, but it was exciting all the way to the last seconds of the game.

First I will talk a little about the entertainment and then I will talk more about the game. The musical performances were good. Before the game, it was a pleasure to see Miranda Lamber and her husband Blake Shelton sing “America the Beautiful” together. They did a marvelous job. Then to follow was Kelly Clarkson singing The National Anthem. She did just as well and in my opinion was probably one of the best I have ever heard sing that song. During half time was Madonna along with a few others mixed into some of the songs like LMFAO, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj, and Cee Lo Green. She sang “Vogue”, “Give Me All Your Luvin”, “Music”, and “Like a Prayer.” There were a few mistakes during this performance though. near the beginning Madonna almost falls while stepping back down off a step. M.I.A. was also caught giving the finger while she was on stage. The best part of the half time show had to be the graphics and the design of the lights. I loved how at one point it looked like the field was getting sucked into the stage. Amazing!

Now let’s get to the game talk.

While watching this game I was very impressed with a lot of the passes Eli Manning, the Giant’s Quarterback, made. He made some great passes that went right through some defensive players and into his teammate’s hands. The best overall, in my opinion, being his 38 yard pass to Mario Manningham running along the side line with defensive players all around him. He jumps to catch the ball, controls it, and then gets two feet down on the field to make it count. That is a rule in the NFL, a player that jumps to catch the ball must have both feet touch the ground before falling out-of-bounds to make it count. It was a great pass from Manning and an AMAZING catch by Manningham.

Some other important events of the game include the Patriots 96 yard touchdown drive in the 2nd quarter. If you include the penalty it actually made it a 98 yard drive. The Patriots offense took the ball 96 yards, that is almost the whole length of the field, and made a touchdown. With that drive the Patriots tied the record for the longest drive in the Super Bowl. Pierre-Paul, with the Giants, also was great on defense when he batted away two of Tom Brady’s passes. And I can’t forget Sean Weatherford’s punt that went out-of-bounds at the New England’s 4 yard line. What a great punt that forces the Patriots to have to make another long drive with only a few minutes left in the first half of the game. Blackburn with the Giants also makes an important play in the 4th when he intercepts a pass, being the only turnover of the game. And last was the hand-off from Manning to Bradshaw, who made an unintentional touch down. This was a memorable play because the Giants were down by two points with a little over a minute left. They needed to run off more time from the clock before they scored to be sure the Patriots could not come back. On ESPN Radio Mike and Mike this morning Bradshaw stats that nothing was said in the huddle about not scoring. Then when he got the ball Eli was yelling at him not to score. Manning said “I was telling to him ‘Don’t score, don’t score!’ He tried to stop but fell into the end zone.” If you saw this play you can see him try to stop and squat to get a knee down, but his momentum pushes him in for the winning touchdown. The Patriots did not come back so the Giants win 21 to 17. What a game!

Eli Manning was 30 for 40 with 296 yards. This means 30 out of 40 of his passes made it into his teammates hands. Also the 296 yards is all the distances of his completed passes added together. Tom Brady was 27 for 41 with 276 yards.

The Super Bowl was played in Indianapolis in the Cults stadium. That stadium is Eli Manning’s older brother, Payton Manning’s field. They say the stadium is “the home that his brother built” because Payton brought so much success to the Cults that brought in enough money to build a new stadium. Now Eli Manning has won his second Super Bowl, the Giant’s 8th, and his 2nd Super Bowl MVP award in his older brother’s stadium.

Super Bowl XLVI was full of excitement and ended up being a very close game. Congrats to the New York Giants on their win!


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