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Spurs Enter Western Conference Finals Undefeated

All you hear about in NBA news right now is something to do with the Miami Heat and/or the Oklahoma City Thunder, which are the two teams many predict to play in the Finals of the 2011-2012 NBA Playoffs. But no one is really talking about the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs have quietly gone undefeated in the playoffs thus far. The Spurs faced the Utah Jazz in round one of the playoffs. The Spurs won the first 4 games, sweeping the Jazz right out of the playoffs. A sweep is when a team beats its opponent in every game of that matchup/series. The Spurs won game 1 106-91 (15 pts), game 2 114-83 (31 pts), game 3 102-90 (12 pts), and game 4 87-81 (6 pts). Then after a small break the Spurs were matched up with the LA Clippers in the Western Conference Semifinals. Again the Spurs won the first 4 games and swept the Clippers. The Spurs won game 1 108-92 (16 pts), game 2 105-88 (17 pts), game 3 96-86 (10 pts), and game 4 102-99 (3 pts).

Gregg Popovich, 2011-2012 Coach of the Year, coached his team to the Western Conference number 1 spot during the regular season, and now has coached them to an undefeated run in through the Western Conference Semifinals of the playoffs. Coach Popovich has been a great coach to the Spurs thus far, but not all credit goes to the coach. Some credit goes to the staff and players as well. The Spurs are playing to the best of their ability and not letting their older age get in the way. They are playing hard as a TEAM and keeping their eye on the prize of winning a 5th title for the franchise.

The San Antonio Spurs will play the winner of the Oklahoma City Thunder vs LA Lakers series in the Western Conference Finals. Currently OKC leads the series 3-1, and play game 5 tonight at 9:30 ET. Will the LA Lakers come back to win the series and play the SA Spurs, or will OKC progress to the next round? How Will the Spurs match-up with the young OKC team? Will the Spurs remain undefeated in the Western Conference Finals? the Finals?

I don’t know, but I do know this will be fun to watch.

My prediction:

  1. The Thunder beat the Lakers, and progress to play the Spurs.
  2. The Spurs lose to OKC in 6 games.
  3. OKC plays Boston or Indiana in the Finals
  4. OKC wins the Championship

What are your predictions?

Update: In game 1 Spurs beat the Thunder 101-98. The Spurs continue their winning streak this postseason now 9-0.

Also Miami beat Indiana and moved on to play Boston in the Eastern Conference Finals. In game 1 Miami beat Boston 93-79.

In game 2 Spurs beat the Thunder again 120-111. Their playoff winning steak then increased to 10-0.

In game 3 OKC Thunder came back and beat the San Antonio Spurs 102-82, and the Spurs winning streak came to an end. OKC also won game 4 109-103 tieing the series 2-2.

In game 5 the Thunder won 108-103, and lead over the Spurs 3-2 in the series.

Game 6 OKC finished it up and won 107-99. Spurs go home while OKC moves on to the Finals and wait to see who they will be playing… Boston or Miami?




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