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Happy 100th Fenway Park

100 years ago on April 20, 1912 Fenway Park was built in Boston, MA in only 7 months. It is where the Boston Red Sox call home. Even though there have been some upgrades to the stadium, it has managed to keep its originality and has always been the model of what a baseball stadium should be like. Tim Wakefield, pitcher in Fenway for 17 seasons, said “they modernized it the best they could but kept the original historic Fenway Park intact, which is phenomenal. It’s unbelievable how they accomplished that. To have the same old feel as 100 years ago and to be playing in modern day with new amenities, it’s really amazing.” Wakefield just recently retired from the game of baseball.

Even with all the history within this stadium, it is mostly known for the beautiful color green from the grass on the field to the big Green Monster. The Green Monster is Fenway’s 37-foot-high wall in the outfield. This wall separates the field from the street, but what makes it unique is that it is the largest wall in a baseball stadium and is the color of the grass. The grass is also something that makes this stadium stand out. It is well-kept and is a true-green color.

Fenway Park has many great memories in these 100 years. Jim Caple with ESPN.com said “It’s where Babe Ruth pitched, Ted Williams batted, Carl Yastrzemski played balls off the Wall, Carlton Fisk waved his home run fair and David Ortiz has repeatedly delivered in the clutch.” What an amazing and historic stadium.

I have never been to Fenway Park, but after learning of it’s 100th birthday and all the history it still has despite the upgrades, I would love to see if for myself. When describing the field, Tim Wakefield said “What a cathedral. It’s like going to church. The stadium is the star here. Fenway is the star.” I love places that contain such history. I know that today’s game will be memerable. Today the Red Sox will play the New York Yankies, the same team the Red Sox played 100 years ago, but then the New York Yankees were the New York Highlanders. Before the game there will be big ceremony to celebrate. Also both teams will wear their throwback uniforms from 1912. This will be a great game to watch late this afternoon.

Happy Birthday Fenway Park!

100 moments at Fenway:





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