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Mavs sign Derek Fisher

After last night’s loss to Chicago, Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle announced the signing of point guard Derek Fisher.

Darren Collison

Lately the Mavs have been in a slump that is not looking good. The Mavericks have lost their last two games putting them below .500, and sadly Dallas lost yet another game last night against Chicago now making the team’s win-loss record 7-9. This year the team is full of new faces both young and old, but in the point guard position there are only young players. 25-year-old Darren Collison joined Dallas this past summer with 3 years experience. Collison has started as point guard for 14 games this season, while 24-year-old Dominique Jones with just 2 years experience started the other 2. So far this season Collison has been great with the team. On the court Collison is competitive, strong, fast, and has a good eye for open players. Jones has also shown a lot of promise this season. Jones seems like a whole new player and has really grown since last year. I am a big fan of DoJo and Collison is a good player but teams need more than just two point guards that do not have much experience. A team also needs a player with experience.

Tuesday night in the game against Philadelphia, Collison sprained his right middle finger, which caused him to miss last night’s game. Coach Carlisle said, “We need help at point guard. I found out on the way over here that Collison would be out, and we were fortunate to get (Jared) Cunningham active.” 21-year-old Jared Cunningham is another point guard on the Dallas Mavericks but is just starting his rookie season so he has no pro experience.

That is where Derek Fisher comes in. After hearing about Collison’s injury the Mavs realized they do not have much depth in the point guard position. Dallas signed Derek Fisher to come in and help add depth to the point guard position, add some consistency, and be a mentor to Collison and Jones. Carlisle said, “We feel (Fisher) can help us. It’s not a cure-all to all of our team challenges, but his expertise and experience will help.” Fisher is 38-years-old and has played in the NBA for 16 seasons, this being his 17th. Fisher has played on great teams like the L.A. Lakers with 5 NBA titles, and the Oklahoma City Thunder who went all the way to the Finals last summer. The Dallas Mavericks are excited to add such an experienced point guard to the team. Mavs center Chris Kaman said, “We’re just struggling a little bit right now. Having Fisher come in tomorrow could help. Having a vet come in like that is great, who can help some of our young guys.”

I believe Derek Fisher will help the Mavs in the way they are expecting him to. I am happy with this decision because it will help the young point guards to grow and will add some experience to the team. With Dirk out for a few more weeks the Mavs really need someone to step up and lead the team. Fisher is a great leader on the court and off. He is the president of the NBA Players Association and led all NBA players during the 2011 lockout. Yes I know Fisher’s age is getting up there but he is a year younger than Kidd and who knows.. it may even be like Dallas never lost Kidd. The Mavs have today and tomorrow off, which will give Fisher enough time to get in a few practices with the team before they play Detroit on Saturday.

Now that the Mavs have added Fisher they must make a cut because they already had 15 guaranteed contracts. Rumors are the Mavs will let go Troy Murphy sometime today, which is ok by me. Though Murphy seems to be an alright player he just looks very lost and confused on the court.

Let’s Go Mavs!

Update: Mavs waive Troy Murphy to make room on the roster for Derek Fisher.





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