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MLB Standings 101

Major League Baseball is divided into two Leagues called the American League (AL) and the National League (NL). From there, each League is divided into 3 divisions called the East, Central, and West. So in MLB there is a total of 6 divisions.

Looking at the map above, I have color coordinated each MLB League and division. The teams in each division are circled and connected with different colors. The American League  divisions are all bright warm colors; the AL East is pink, AL Central is red, and AL West is yellow. The National League divisions are all dull cool colors; the NL East is green, NL Central is blue, and NL West is purple. The chart below also shows the teams in each division but includes each team’s name. The teams are in no particular order.

In MLB teams are scheduled to play other teams in 2-4 game series, meaning a team will be scheduled to play other teams for more than 1 game in a row. To the right is an example of the Texas Rangers 2012 June schedule. You can see how the team is scheduled to play other teams 2-4 times in a row. You can also see that in MLB teams are scheduled to play almost every day. If a game is called(cancelled) due to bad weather it could be rescheduled for another day and the teams may have two games to play in one day. The team that wins the most games in a series is said to have won that series, but that is not taken into account when looking at the team standings.

MLB standings are ranked by each team’s win-loss record from the total games they have played, not the number of series they win or lose. Also the teams are only ranked by their division and not by the League the team is in. So, in other words, a team’s win-loss record is only compared to the other teams in the same division to decide the ranking of that division. For example:

To see an example of where the teams are currently ranked click the link below and press refresh.


Also please note that Major League Baseball is considering relocating the Houston Astros to the AL West starting just before the 2013 season. This move will even out the MLB Leagues and the Divisions.





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