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Is Nolan Ryan leaving the Rangers?

Nolan_RyanEarly this week news broke that Nolan Ryan may be leaving the Texas Rangers. Randy Galloway of Galloway and Company of ESPN Dallas radio and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram heard from a few sources that Ryan may leave as early as the end of spring training.

Over the weekend an announcement was made that Jon Daniels was promoted to general manager and president of baseball operations, and Rick George was promoted to president of business operations. But these are not recent changes; these moves were actually made back in November. Before Ryan was stripped of his power, he was the president of baseball operations for the Texas Rangers. Could Daniels promotion and the changes to the front office be a sign that Ray may be moving on?

Nolan Ryan is still CEO of the Rangers but many fear the promotion of Daniels and George are steps toward Ryan’s exit. Also Randy Galloway explained that when the announcement was made it was “written as a tribute to Nolan Ryan.” Why would you contribute to someone who is still in office? Are they saying the day for him to leave is near?

There are still many questions left and can only be answered by Nolan Ryan, who still has 3 years left on his contract. Ranger nation will just have to eagerly wait and see what Nolan Ryan has to say about what his future hold.





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