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Peyton Manning Free Agent

Peyton Manning, the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, sat out the whole 2011 season due to nerve damage. With this injury Peyton had to get multiple neck surgeries. He had two surgeries on his neck to fix the pinched nerve, but when those did not work Peyton had a fusion done in September 2011. Peyton’s injury, though it was neck related, caused his right arm to become weak, making it tough to be a quarterback. Peyton still looked to play in the 2012 season. On February 2, 2012 Peyton was cleared by his doctor Robert Watkins to play football again.

Peyton Manning was a very good quarterback. Before the injury Peyton Manning won the MVP (most valuable player) award 4 times. This award is presented to 1 NFL player at the end of each season. He also did some amazing things as the Cults quarterback; Peyton broke all the Cult’s quarterback records, made it to the playoffs 11 times as a Colt and won 1 Super Bowl for his team. Still Indianapolis decided to release Peyton, and informed him of this on Wednesday March 7, 2012. Peyton Manning was extremely sad to part with his team he had played with for 14 years. The owner of the Colts, Jim Irsay said, “As a franchise, where we are right now with the salary cap, where we are rebuilding, we’re definitely a few years away. I want to see him come back and play great, there is no question about it. Just like in 2001 when he was completely healthy and everything else and we didn’t have everything to surround him. I want that opportunity for him as well to succeed at the end of his career.” This makes it sound like the Colts released him because they did not have the money to pay him the amount that he is worth, and/or did not have the right surrounding players for Peyton. I can’t help but think the Colts might not have been willing to take a chance on Peyton with not knowing if he will make a full recovery at his age of 35, 36 on March 24, 2012.

Once Payton was released many teams became interested in him including the Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans,  San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins, and New York Jets. Payton Manning has already worked out with Denver, San Francisco, and Tennessee. These three teams seem to be the ones Peyton is going to choose between.

People in each of the cities are doing what they can to help get Peyton Manning to come play for their team. For example, there is a restaurant chain in Tennessee, where Peyton attended college at the University of Tennessee, that will give Peyton free pancakes if he decides to sign with the Titans. It is said that Peyton will make his decision sometime this week.

UPDATE: Today, Monday March 19, 2012 Peyton Manning decides he wants to play for the Denver Broncos. He has informed Tennessee, and New York, his agent and of course Denver.









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