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Pink Penalty Flags!

Due to an 11-year-old’s letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, The NFL announced yesterday that the penalty flags will be pink for October. This idea will debut during the Dolphins vs. Jets game Sunday October 28th at 12:00 PM (CT).

The 11-year-old is Dante Cano from Marlboro, N.J. While watching football one day with his dad, Dante thought that having pink penalty flags might help raise awareness. Dante said, “I wanted to do it because it would raise awareness for breast cancer. I thought it would be a good addition to the other things that raise awareness for (the disease).”

When Goodell received the hand-written letter he read it, talked it over with the NFL, and made the announcement. Goodell also invited Dante and his family to the game to see the first NFL game to be played with pink penalty flags. He then asked Dante to be the one to present the flags to the officials before the game. In a conversation with the press Goodell said, “Dante had a great idea and I am looking forward to meeting with him on Sunday to put it into action. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the best. I applaud Dante for sending in his recommendation.”

Dante’s parents are very proud of him for having the idea and following through with it. His mother, Laura Cano said, “He thought penalty flags would be the most visible thing to bring about awareness of breast cancer.” Mrs. Cano explained that no one in the family has breast cancer but Dante’s older sister, Nikki, has Aicardi Syndrome. Due to this syndrome, 14-year-old Nikki is unable to walk and talk, and is cognitively slow. Mrs. Cano believes that Dante is aware of the seriousness of breast cancer because he has seen his sister go through a lot.

Sunday will be an exciting day for the NFL, the Cano family, and for breast cancer awareness. What an amazing story. Dante had an idea and followed through with the encouragement of his family. Also I am pleased with the NFL for reading Dante’s letter and making it happen the way that they have. Thank you NFL and Thank you Dante Cano.






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