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It Finally Happened

Well despite what I thought before the replacement referees made a game changing mistake.

Last night the Green Bay Packers played the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. The Packers were up 12 to 7 with just 8 seconds left in the 4th quarter. Seattle had the ball, and with such little time left the quarterback had to make a long pass to a teammate in the end zone and hope they are open to complete a touchdown. Well Seahawks  #81, Golden Tate was not open. He had 5 Packers around him all hoping to intercept the pass. When the call was thrown Tate pushed one of the Packers out of the way, but the foul was not called. Then all the other players jumped up to catch the ball, making it hard to get a good visual on who caught the ball. But what you could see was that Packer #43 M.D. Jennings pulled the ball to his chest indicating to others that he made the interception and had the ball, and Tate just had his hand in there and the other around Jennings. The referees called the play, well one called a touchdown and the other called a “touchback” which means he believed it was an interception. When there is two separate calls like this from referees it is up to the “white hat” official to hear both sides and make the call. If they cannot make a clear decision, the officials can look at the replay, if they still can’t decide the ruling on the field will stand. If the officials decided Jennings and Tate both had the ball it would have to go to the offense. Well The “white hat” was nowhere to be found to mediate, so they went to the replay and decided it was a Seattle touchdown. Seattle Seahawks won 14-12. UNBELIEVABLE!

Many are in shock with the outcome of this game. It is awful one of the referees called a Seattle touchdown. I am not saying that would be an easy call to make but that referee should have made sure before he made the call. Very sad for the Packers because they should have won that game, but do to a bad referee call they went back to Green Bay with a loss. Now even more are speaking out against the Replacement Referees. Players are posting on their twitter, media and fans are talking out, and even coaches are stating their opinions.

Here are some professionals on this issue:

NFL Analyst Herm Edwards on Mike and Mike in the Morning ESPN Radio Click Here .

  • This is the one you must listen to! I agree with Herm Edwards completely; the replacement referees do not have control, referee calls are inconsistent, players are acting out because they feel they can get away with it, coaches are not being responsible for their players.

Long time NFL Referee, Jerry Markbreit on Mike and Mike in the Morning ESPN Radio Click Here

To read more tweets from Packers players Click Here

Even though I completely agree that this was a really bad call by the replacement referees and it changed the outcome of the game, which I did not think would happen, I must say I still believe people are over reacting. Players are speaking out because they believe they can and will not get into trouble. These replacement referees are not in control and need to be stricter with these players and coaches. The original NFL referees made mistakes as well but they were in control and ejected, penalized or fined any one that approached them in the wrong way. Coaches also need to get control of their players as well. There is no stopping the media or fans from saying what they think but the NFL needs to control themselves. These replacement referees will make mistakes, yes, so teach them more about the game or give them more resources, or email your team owners to encourage them to get a contract done. It is getting out of hand.





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