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Dwight Howard traded to the LA Lakers

Last night on Thursday August 9, 2012 Dwight Howard was traded to the LA Lakers in a 4 team trade. The teams involved in the trade include the LA Lakers, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Denver Nuggets. All the teams need now is an approval of the trade from the league, which should happen sometime today, then the players involved can join their new teams. In the trade the Lakers will get Dwight Howard, Chris Duhon, and Earl Clark; the 76ers will get Andrew Bynum, and Jason Richardson; the Magic will get Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic, Moe Harkless, and one protected first round pick from each of the teams involved; and the Nuggets will get Andre Iguodala.

A protected draft pick means that a team can pick a player from the draft, but will only acquire that player if all the conditions are met.

Dwight Howard has been trying to leave the Magic for quite some time now and is finally getting what he wanted, well sort-of. Howard’s first choice was to go and play for the Brooklyn Nets with Deron Williams, but that did not happen after months of drama. Howard also had the Dallas Mavericks and the LA Lakers on his want list as his other choices. Howard got traded to one of the three teams on his want list, but still has a chance to play for one of the others if he does not like playing for LA. Howard only has one year left on his contract and will be a free agent next summer if he does not sign a contract extension with LA. The Lakers are not looking to have Howard for just one year, they will do their best to help him fit in and see LA as his new home so that he will sign an extension before this coming season ends. If Howard does not like being in LA the Mavericks will surely be waiting for him this summer to make him an offer, but it will be hard for Howard to not like being a Laker this season. Over the summer the Lakers signed free agent Steve Nash. Nash is one of the best guards in the league and is very experienced. Nash has played in the NBA for 16 years and averages 14.5 points, 8.6 assists, and 3.0 rebounds per game. Nash is one of my favorite guards to watch because he can make some of the most amazing no-look-passes I have ever seen. Nash can make plays happen and get the ball to the right teammate for the shot or will get in the right position to make it himself. The Lakers were also able to keep their forward Pau Gasol from being traded, even though it was talked about. A team with Howard, Gasol, Nash, and Bryant makes for a definite team to watch out for this season. If this Lakers team and create chemistry they will be a tough team to beat.

With the team the Lakers have this year, assuming the trade will be approved by the league, it will be very surprising if the Lakers have a bad year. I expect them to have a great year being in the top 5 teams in the Western Conference, maybe even the top 2. I do not believe the Lakers will be better than the Oklahoma Thunder but they will be a good matchup. I also predict that Howard will fall in love with LA and will sign a contract extension before the 2012-2013 season ends.






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Dwight Howard Wants Coach Gundy Fired

Dwight Howard, star player for the Orlando Magic, told management he wants the head coach, Stan Van Gundy fired. Coach Gundy confirmed this in a conversation with media yesterday April 5, 2012. Gundy said “I was told it was true by people in our management.” Van Gundy explains the situation to media while the team is practicing. He confirms what Howard did, and then says that he is not worried about it and just wants to focus on the game they had coming up against the New York Knicks. He also explains that the decision is up to managment. Gundy said, “I’m the coach right now, and I’m the coach until they decide I’m not the coach. It’s 12:02 right now. If they want to fire me at 12:05, I’ll go home and find something to do. I’ll have a good day.”

Then while this interview was coming to an end Dwight Howard approaches the coach, not knowing what was said, and joins in the conversation about how they are just worried about the game. The coach then leaves Dwight Howard to talk to the media. When the media asks Howard about the situation he basically makes you believe it is not true without saying it, but was caught off guard when he is told that the coach confirmed it. Howard said, “Whatever happens at the end of the season is not under my control. I am a player for the Magic. I am not the GM. I am not Rich DeVos. I am not Alex Martins. That is not my job. … I haven’t said anything to anybody about anything.” Dwight Howard denies the rumors without really saying he did or did not tell manament he wanted the coach fired.

I understand not wanting to talk to media about something personal going on with your team or the organization you work with, but the way this interview went with Dwight Howard was very awkward. When Dwight Howard was asked about the situation again after the game he simply replied, “No comment.”

On March 15, 2012 Dwight Howard decided he was not going to opt out of his contract this summer, and would stay with Orlando. Orlando was desperate to keep their superstar, so management said they would do whatever it took. This is probably when Dwight Howard requested Stan Van Gundy be fired at the end of this season. Ian O’Conner with ESPNNewYork.com said in one of his blogs it was reported that “Orlando’s front office had given Howard the power to determine the fates of general manager Otis Smith and Van Gundy at the end of the season if he agreed not to opt out of his contract.”  Then after some time the word got out.

Orlando Magic’s game last night against the New York Knicks was a disaster. The Magic showed no effort. Knicks beat the Magic 96-80. Charles Barkley even said “The Orlando Magic quit.” Barkley described the performance of the Magic team as “one of the least inspired.” Orlando has now lost 5 games in a row.

The Orlando Magic team and organization are dealing with a lot right now. I believe Coach Gundy should not have gone to media with what he found out about his superstar. He should have kept that within the organization and dealt with it there. Gundy and the organization do not need to media in on this. If Howard wants the coach fired, it is still the management’s decision. Coach Gundy did not help persuade the organization to keep him when he told the media that the rumors were true. The Coach now needs to focus on the team and getting them inspired to play again, if he can, and win some games.






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Dwight Howard is staying in Orlando

Dwight Howard has a decision to make. Orlando? New Jersey? Or somewhere else?

Howard, #12 for the Orlando Magic, will be a free agent this summer and he has a lot of options. He has shown interest in staying in Orlando, going to the Los Angelas Lakers, going to the New Jersey Nets, or going to the Dallas Mavericks. It seems that the New Jersey Nets are his top pick. Howard has spent lots of time talking about one team, then another, back to another, and then another making it really hard to get an idea of what he is really planning on doing this summer, or if change will happen sooner with a trade before the deadline.

With all this back and forth talk from Howard, the Orlando Magic was not willing to wait for this summer and allow Howard to leave the team high and dry. Orlando planned to trade Howard if he did not want to stay with the team. The trade deadline for the NBA is today, Thursday March 15, 2012 at 3:00 pm ET. Early Wednesday Howard had talked to a few teammates and the Magic organization that he planned on staying with the team the rest of this season and next till his contract is up. Howard’s contract ends after the 2012-2013 season but he is allowed to opted out after this season and become a free agent this summer, if he wishes. After hearing this, the Orlando Magic still planned to trade Howard unless he agreed to sign, waiving his early termination option (ETO). If Howard signed this he would not be to opting out of his contract this summer and will not be a free agent till possibly the summer of 2013.

When it came time to sign, Howard would not do it because he “didn’t fully understand the ramifications.” I do not know how a player could not fully understand what he/she is saying they will do. Sounds to me like Howard was just stalling and hoping this would get him through the trade deadline so he could stay with the team and then be a free agent this summer. Howard stated that he said he planned to stay because he heard about being traded and did not want that. Dwight Howard’s agent, Dan Fegan said, “Dwight has chosen not to waive his ETO under pressure from the team that he might be traded.” Wednesday before the Magic vs. Spurs game Howard had talked with the Magic’s owner Rich DeVos, and Magic’s CEO Alex Martins and explained to them that he did not plan on signing anything. While talking about the calls Fegan said, “Dwight expressed once again on a call today with the DeVos family and Alex Martins that he very much desires to pursue a championship this year with the Magic. Dwight also expressed that he had no intention of leaving the Magic high and dry at the end of the season.”

Then this morning on Thursday March 15, 2012 the day of the trade deadline the news game that Dwight Howard has changed his mind once again and planned to sign a waive of his ETO. Evidently after the game last night Howard had another extensive conversation with Rich DeVos and many others with the Magic organization. This call was said to last about 11 hours and at 3:00am Howard said he was ready to sign. Howard was advised to go home and get some sleep before signing and that is just what he did. Then when he got up he signed to waive his ETO. Howard said, “I apologize for this circus I have caused to the fans of our city. They didn’t deserve none of this. I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. I will do whatever I can to make this right and do what I was put in Orlando to do.”

I do not believe this is the best move for Howard. I think it would have been great to see him play with Deren Williams on the New Jersey, soon to be Brooklyn, Nets. Now that Howard has decided to stay in Orlando for another year it will be interesting to see what Williams decides to do. Originally many believed Howard and Williams were going to play together in New Jersey next year. Now that Howard is not going to be a free agent this summer will Williams stay in New Jersey? Will he go to Orlando? Will he go to Dallas? We will have to see what this summer brings. Personally I hope this brings Williams to Dallas.




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