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Tyson Chandler 2011-2012 NBA Defensive Player of the Year

On Wednesday May 2, 2012 Tyson Chandler was named the 2011-2012 NBA Defensive Player of the Year from the KIA Performance Awards. A well deserved honor, if you ask me. Tyson Chandler is a beast in the paint, a team player, and so much fun to watch play. Last year Chandler played with the Dallas Mavericks when they won their first Championship. Over the summer he became a free agent and signed with the New York Knicks. From last season to this season Tyson Chandler has made a HUGE impact on the New York Knick’s Defense. In the 2010-2011 season the Knicks were ranked 21st in defense efficiency (how well the defense of a team causes their opponents to miss their shots, and or causes turnovers), this season they are ranked 5th. That is a big jump. The Knicks not only increased in defense efficiency but also moved up in opponent field goal percentage (how well a team keeps their opponents from scoring their normal amount of points at field goal range) from 26th to 10th, and opponent points in the paint (how well a team keeps their opponents from making points in the paint) from 28th to 8th. Chandler also grabbed 22.1 percent of the defensive rebounds while he  was on the floor. Tyson Chandler has fought hard to earn this award, and he deserves it. He is the first New York Knicks to ever receive this award. Well done Tyson Chandler! Congratulations!







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