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Happy 50th Charles Barkley

charles_barkleyCharles Barkley is one of the most entertaining sports analysts on TV today. Barkley was born in Leeds, Alabama on February 20, 1963. After playing basketball at Leeds High School, Barkley was recruited by Auburn University. Barkley played college ball for 3 years before he entered into the NBA Draft in 1984. The Philadelphia 76ers drafted Barkley with their 5th overall pick. For 6 seasons Charles Barkley, #34, lead the 76ers to many competitive post-season appearances. In the summer of 1992 Barkley was a part of the original Dream Team that won the Olympic gold medal that summer, and again in 1996. Also during the summer of 1992 Barkley was traded to the Phoenix Suns where he player for 3 years. Then in 1995 Barkley moved on to play for Houston to finish out his career. Barkley retired from the game of basketball in 2000. In 2006 Charles Barkley was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Barkley was very competitive and one of the best during his career as an NBA player. Now Barkley is working for TNT as an analyst for the Inside the NBA show with host Ernie Johnson and analyst Kenny Smith.

I love watching Barkley on TNT analyzing games and just having fun. Not only was Barkley an amazing NBA player, but he has an awesome and entertaining personality as well. Charles Barkley is an outspoken person that is not afraid to tell it like it is. Inside the NBA is hilarious to watch, especially when Johnson and Smith mess with Barkley. Here are a few Barkley highlights I found to share with you on this special day that Charles Barkley turns 50. Happy Birthday Charles Barkley!


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Hamilton Speaks out about Ranger Fans

Josh_Hamilton_AngelsOn Sunday Josh Hamilton was interviewed by the DFW CBS television station. In this interview Hamilton called DFW a “football town.” Hamilton said, “There are true baseball fans in Texas, but it’s not a true baseball town.” This comment has caused a lot of talk in Dallas.

Many seem to be really upset with Hamilton for saying Dallas is not a baseball town. But in my opinion, the truth is it’s not. ESPN’s Ben and Skin said it best when they described Dallas as a “football town first and a winning town second.” There are way more Cowboys fans here than anything. Many will attend the Cowboys games and stick up for them even when they are losing. That is not the case for baseball, basketball, or hockey in Dallas. Cowboys have fans in football much like the Yankees have fans in baseball and the Lakers have in Basketball. That proves that this town in a football town first.

When the Rangers, Mavericks, or Stars are having a losing streak or season you will notice not many people attend the games. But that completely changes if that team is having a winning season, which proves this town is a winning town second. I feel that the handful of true baseball, basketball, or hockey fans will back this statement. Josh Hamilton was just stating his opinion that he feels to be true, and I have to say I feel the same. After the interview on Sunday, Josh Hamilton in an report said, “It’s not saying I don’t still appreciate them, and thank you for cheering for me and all that. But reality’s reality. I think I’ve always spoken the truth in what I said and not beat around the bush. But I loved my time there.”

Hamilton will return to Arlington on April 5th for the first time wearing an Angels uniform. I am sure many will be there to boo Hamilton for these comments and for the slump he went through last year. I disagree with this action and feel that people should either sit quietly or cheer for him for all that he did do as a Texas Ranger.


To hear Hamilton’s CBS interview click here:

To hear Richard Durrett’s opinion on Hamilton’s comments click here:


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Will Ferrell Loves Sports

Will Ferrell is always full of surprises. You never know what he is going to do next. Throughout the years Will has made many appearances in the sports world. This may not surprise some who already know, but Will Ferrell studied sports broadcasting at the University of Southern California before he pursued a career in comedy/acting.

Will’s most recent appearance was at the Staples Center Tuesday night during the Lakers vs Suns game. Ferrell dressed as a security guard and stood on the court. “Ted Vagina”, which was the name printed on Will’s name tag, was very serious and played the part to a “T”. Will even took it as far as ejecting former Laker Shaqille O’Neal.

Now that is what I call funny! Here are a few other appearances of the great Will Ferrell.

  • Will Ferrell introduced players during Hornets vs Bulls game in 2011:
  • In 2010 pitcher Billy Ray “Rojo” Johnson, aka Will Ferrell, made his baseball debut with the Round Rock Express:
  • In 2008 Will Ferrell accepted the Best Male Athlete award at the EPSY as Tiger Woods:
  • Will Ferrell jumped on stage at the EPSY in 2006 to serenade Lance Armstrong:

These are just a few of Will Ferrell’s sports appearances. If any of you know of any others you would like to share, feel free to comment below.


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LeBron James on a Roll

LeBron James is tearing it up on the court. Mr. “King” James set a new NBA record last night after scoring at least 30 points with a shooting percentage of 60 percent for the 6th time in a row. James said, “I’m at a loss for words. Like I say over and over, I know the history of the game. I know how many unbelievable players who came through the ranks, who paved the way for me and my teammates. And for me to be in the record books by myself with such a stat — any stat — it’s big-time.” Before James broke the record, Arian Dantley and Moses Malone held that same record but only for 5 straight games.LeBron_James_6straight

Miami’s head coach, Erik Spoelstra said, “That’s why (James) is who he is, the best player in the game.”

Not only is LeBron James getting points and setting records for himself but he is being a good leader for his team. James takes charge when he needs to but also looks for the open man and will get his teammates involved. During last night’s game James also finished with a total of 9 assists. After Miami beat Portland last night, Spoelstra said, “(James) played a very good basketball game. That’s all you’re going to get out of me right now. He competes. He loves to compete. He loves close games. … And he’s leading us, not just with his talent.”

James has really impressed everyone with how far he has come in the past couple of years. He went from being one of the most hated players in the NBA to slowly gaining respect back as the talented player he is. Though I still disagree with the way he handled his move to Miami and his actions afterward I cannot disagree that James is an amazing player. James has impressed me with the way he is leading his team and taking control. Miami plays again tomorrow night, Thursday February 14th against the OKC Thunder. This game will not be an easy one for Miami, and will be a real challenge for LeBron James to stretch his 30 points on 11-of-15 shooting record to 7 straight games. Good Luck LeBron James!


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