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The “J-Train” is back!

Last night the Miami Dolphins played the Dallas Cowboys and lost 13-30. Even though the Dolphins had an upsetting lose, it was a great night for all Texas A&M Aggies because the “J-Train” is back!

Jorvorskie Lane, from Lufkin, Texas, attended Texas A&M University and was an amazing tailback from 2005-2007. As an Aggie Lane rushed for 2,090 yards and scored 49 touchdowns. Then in 2008 the Aggies got a new head coach, Mike Sherman, who moved Lane to fullback for his senior year. Lane then rushed 93 yards and scored 5 touchdowns. When the season was over Jorvorskie Lane graduated but did not get drafted in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Lane moved on to continue playing football in the Indoor Football League with the West Texas Roughnecks for the 2010 season. That season Lane had completed 326 yards and had 12 touchdowns. For the 2011 season Lane signed with the Orlando Predators in the Arena Football League, but did not show up for practice and did not play football that season.

This summer the Miami Dolphins were having tryouts to help them find a fullback for the team. With no luck they extended their last tryout invitation to Jorvorskie Lane, who at the time was working in the warehouse at an Ashley Furniture Store. Lane attended the try out and really impressed the organization. On June 5, 2012 the Miami Dolphins signed Jorvorskie Lane to a 3 year contract, and he is now the team’s starting fullback.

When the Miami Dolphins played the Dallas Cowboys last night, Lane reminded everyone why he is called the “J-Train.” In the 2nd quarter when Lane got the ball Lionel Smith tried to stop him, but Lane ran right over Smith and just kept going. Smith will know next time to watch out for the “J-Train.”

As an Aggie myself, I am very excited to see Lane back in the game. I am sure Lane will fit in very well with this Miami Dolphins team because he will be playing for/with some familiar faces; Dolphins coordinator Mike Sherman was Lane’s old head coach at A&M, and Dolphins players Ryan Tannehill and Jeff Fuller are both former Aggies and were Lane’s teammates. I hope Lane continues to impress the team and they keep him as their starting fullback.

Here are some of the “J-Train” College highlights:


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Beltre Hit 3 Home Runs!

Last night the Rangers played the Baltimore Orioles and won 12-3. What a great night for the Rangers and for Adrian Beltre who was the star of the game. When it came to hitting, Beltre has been in a slump for quite some time hitting .244 in his last 31 games, but has been working hard to improve. Beltre said, “I’ve been kind of struggling for a couple of weeks. I’ve been working in the cages trying to find a comfort zone with my feet and hands.” Beltre must have found that comfort zone because his slump came to an exciting end last night when he hit 3 home runs in just 3 innings.

Beltre hit his first homer as the leadoff batter in the 2nd inning that took the Rangers to a 1-0 lead. At the end of the third inning the game was tied 1-1. In the 4th inning the Rangers came to life and Beltre really brought the heat. Beltre hit two home runs in one inning, which were both two-run shots that allowed Hamilton and of course Beltre to score. With the help of a few other Rangers the score was 10-1 at the end of the 4th. Beltre was now the second Ranger to ever hit two home runs in one inning, and had a chance to become the 17th player to ever hit 4 home runs in one game if he could just hit one more. The 16th player to have a four-home-run game was Beltre’s teammate Josh Hamilton on May 8, 2012 in a game also against the Orioles. Beltre had one chance in the 6th and one in the 8th inning to get that 4th home run, but he just didn’t do it. Beltre said, “I’m trying to hit a home run. I got a pitch to hit, too, but I couldn’t do it.”

Rangers manager Ron Washington said, “It was a fantastic night. I was hoping for him to get a fourth one also, but it didn’t work.”

Even though Beltre did not get that fourth home run it was still a great night for Adrian Beltre. Beltre helped lead his team to a 12-3 win over the Orioles and had 2 RBIs. Beltre now has 22 home runs this season and has a batting average of .462 in his last three games, which means in the last three games he is hitting every 6 out of 13. Keep it up Beltre!


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Mark Cuban still not Happy with Kidd’s Exit

This morning Mark Cuban joined The Ben and Skin Show on ESPN Radio 103.3 FM for an hour. In the last few minutes Ben and Skin decided to ask Mr. Cuban if Jason Kidd would ever get a rafter spot and Cuban replied, “no chance.” A rafter spot is an area in the arena that great player’s for that team get their jersey hung.

This summer Jason Kidd was a free agent and the Dallas Mavericks were looking to resign him to a 3-year deal. On the morning of July 5, 2012 Jason Kidd talked with the Maverick’s organization he was going to stay. Then that afternoon Kidd changed his mind and decided to go play for the New York Knicks who offered him a similar deal, 3-years for $9 million. As a point guard, Kidd believed that the Knicks had more “pieces to work with.” Cuban said that Kidd called him that afternoon, but Cuban could not take the call because he was with his family at a museum in Washington D.C. It was not till later that day that Cuban found out Kidd changed his mind and went to the Knicks for a similar deal. Mr. Cuban told Ben and Skin that what Kidd did “hurt my feelings.” Cuban said, “I was more than upset. I thought he was coming. I was pissed.”

Mark Cuban was not happy with how Jason Kidd changed his mind so quickly. Cuban said, “J. Kidd is a big boy; he can do whatever he wants. But you don’t change your mind like that. That was … yeah. I’m sure I’ll get over it at some point, but as of now, I wouldn’t put J. Kidd’s number in the rafters.” Cuban later added, “He’s a good guy, but I just thought that was wrong. You can’t put a guy’s number in the rafters when he decides he doesn’t want to be there.”

I agree with Cuban’s decision that Kidd’s number will not be in the rafters when he retires. Kidd played for the Mavericks for 4 seasons, from 2008-2012 (not including the 3 seasons starting his NBA career from 1994-1997) and then just decided he would like to play for the Knicks more. With the two offers being the same number of years and same amount of money someone would think a player would stick with their original team. I guess I understand he is looking to be on a team that has a better chance at winning the next championship, but I mean come on Kidd … you are about to be 40! I feel that it is probably time for Kidd to be on the team he wants to retire with, which I thought would have been the Mavericks or the Nets. It was wrong the way Kidd changed his mind so quickly so it is understandable that Cuban is hurt/upset by it.

Cuban did list a couple of players he thinks will have a chance to have their numbers in a rafter spot. Cuban said, “I’ve always said my prerequisite was that you played on a championship team for the Mavs. I’d say Jet’s got a shot, Dirk’s an obvious, but as of right now I wouldn’t put J. Kidd up there.”

During the summer Terry was also a free agent and left to join the Boston Celtics. The difference between Terry leaving and Kidd leaving is that Terry and Cuban had many talks throughout the year. They meet many times and were very honest with each other. So when the time came that Terry accepted the Celtics offer, Cuban was well-informed and was happy for him. Terry ended things on good terms, was a true Maverick, and really did want to stay. Cuban even told Ben and Skin that if Terry returned after retiring and was looking for a job he would help him get one with the Mavs organization.


To hear Cuban on Ben and Skin click here and download the audio. Or you can check out Ben and Skin’s home page and look for the Mark Cuban Audio.


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Dwight Howard traded to the LA Lakers

Last night on Thursday August 9, 2012 Dwight Howard was traded to the LA Lakers in a 4 team trade. The teams involved in the trade include the LA Lakers, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Denver Nuggets. All the teams need now is an approval of the trade from the league, which should happen sometime today, then the players involved can join their new teams. In the trade the Lakers will get Dwight Howard, Chris Duhon, and Earl Clark; the 76ers will get Andrew Bynum, and Jason Richardson; the Magic will get Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic, Moe Harkless, and one protected first round pick from each of the teams involved; and the Nuggets will get Andre Iguodala.

A protected draft pick means that a team can pick a player from the draft, but will only acquire that player if all the conditions are met.

Dwight Howard has been trying to leave the Magic for quite some time now and is finally getting what he wanted, well sort-of. Howard’s first choice was to go and play for the Brooklyn Nets with Deron Williams, but that did not happen after months of drama. Howard also had the Dallas Mavericks and the LA Lakers on his want list as his other choices. Howard got traded to one of the three teams on his want list, but still has a chance to play for one of the others if he does not like playing for LA. Howard only has one year left on his contract and will be a free agent next summer if he does not sign a contract extension with LA. The Lakers are not looking to have Howard for just one year, they will do their best to help him fit in and see LA as his new home so that he will sign an extension before this coming season ends. If Howard does not like being in LA the Mavericks will surely be waiting for him this summer to make him an offer, but it will be hard for Howard to not like being a Laker this season. Over the summer the Lakers signed free agent Steve Nash. Nash is one of the best guards in the league and is very experienced. Nash has played in the NBA for 16 years and averages 14.5 points, 8.6 assists, and 3.0 rebounds per game. Nash is one of my favorite guards to watch because he can make some of the most amazing no-look-passes I have ever seen. Nash can make plays happen and get the ball to the right teammate for the shot or will get in the right position to make it himself. The Lakers were also able to keep their forward Pau Gasol from being traded, even though it was talked about. A team with Howard, Gasol, Nash, and Bryant makes for a definite team to watch out for this season. If this Lakers team and create chemistry they will be a tough team to beat.

With the team the Lakers have this year, assuming the trade will be approved by the league, it will be very surprising if the Lakers have a bad year. I expect them to have a great year being in the top 5 teams in the Western Conference, maybe even the top 2. I do not believe the Lakers will be better than the Oklahoma Thunder but they will be a good matchup. I also predict that Howard will fall in love with LA and will sign a contract extension before the 2012-2013 season ends.



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Terrell Owens returns to the NFL

Terrell Owens signed a one-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks Monday August 6, 2012 worth $1 million. In the 15 seasons of Owens NFL career he has caught 1078 total receptions (REC), ran 15,934 yards (YDS), and made 153 touch downs (TD). During the 2010 season, the last time Owens played in the NFL before now, Owens played in 14 games and caught 72 total receptions (REC), ran 983 yards (YDS), and made 9 touch downs (TD).

Terrell Owens, T.O, started his NFL career playing 8 years for the San Francisco 49ers from 1996-2004. In 2004 Terrell Owens joined the Philadelphia Eagles for two seasons before he was released from the team, but it did not take him long to sign with the Dallas Cowboys. Owens was a Cowboy for 3 seasons then moved on to the Buffalo Bills for one season, and the Cincinnati Tigers for another. After the 2010 season Terrell Owens had a knee injury that scared teams away along with his off-field baggage from all throughout his NFL career. Although Owens is an outstanding and talented wide receiver, his attitude often gets him into trouble with the league, teammates, and incidences off the field. Teams did not want to take a chance on him so Owens did not play in the NFL for the 2011 season. Owens was forced to join the Indoor Football League and played with the Allen Wranglers. Owens also became part owner when he joined the team but it did not last long. T.O.’s outspoken attitude quickly came about when Owens refused to play in some of the away games, missed some mandatory meetings/appearances (one being at the Children’s Hospital), and much more. The Wranglers let him go as player and owner.

Yesterday morning Owens worked out with the Seattle Seahawks and really impressed them. During workout Owens ran the 40 in only 4.45 seconds. The Seattle Seahawks liked what they saw and signed him later that night. Owens went home and tweeted, “God is good. Thankful. Grateful. To ALL my new teammates & the “12th Man”… Let’s Do This!! ” The Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll also got on twitter last night and tweeted, “”@terrellowens welcome to the land of the #12thMan Terrell, see you in the morning… 8am meetings!!” They are all very excited to have Terrell Owens as their wide receiver.

I am very happy for Terrell Owens getting the chance to come back and play for the NFL and look forward to watching him play. Owens is a very interesting player to watch, but the Seahawks need to be careful of his T.O. personality. There is no arguing that Owens is a very talented player and in the past has been one of the best receivers in the league, but Owens can get very cocky, outspoken, and careless. My guess is that his T.O. personality will show almost immediately and it will cause the team to rethink signing him. It was smart of Seattle to only sign him to a one-year contract.

To see more of Terrell Owens highlights here are his Top 10 Moments according to NFL watch:

To hear and see more about Terrell Owens and listen to what people thought of him watch:


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Dempster and Soto’s Texas Debut

Before the trade deadline this past Tuesday July 31, 2012 the Rangers acquired starting pitcher Ryan Dempster and catcher Geovany Soto from the Chicago Cubs. They both made their Texas debut on Thursday August 2, 2012 for the last game of the series against the LA Angles. This season with the Cubs, Dempster pitched 16 starts, 104 innings with 83 strikeouts and 27 walks, and was 5-5 (wins-losses) with a 2.25 ERA. Rangers made a good move when they got Soto and Dempster from the same team because the catcher already has that relationship with and knowledge of the pitcher. Soto knows Dempster’s style of pitching and how to read him.

Before last night’s game people believed Dempster would have a pretty good game, but Dempster’s debut was a letdown. Dempster pitched 4 2/3 innings and allowed the Angels to get 9 hits and 8 runs. At the end of the 5th inning the score was 8-7 with the Angels up by 1. Then Roy Oswalt came in to relieve Dempster. Oswalt pitched two scoreless innings and Hamilton hit a double that brought in two runs which allowed the Rangers to take the lead 12-8 at the end of the 7th. After the 7th, Nathan relieved Oswalt and was the closing pitcher for the Rangers in last night’s game. The Rangers scored 3 more runs in the 8th and the Angels were only able to score 1 more run in the 9th. The Rangers won the game 15-9 thanks to their offence.

Josh Hamilton finished the game with 4 RBIs, while Kinsler went 3 for 5 and scored 4 runs. The Rangers increased their lead in the AL West and are now 4.5 games ahead of the Oakland A’s, and a full 5 games ahead of the LA Angels.

Way to go Rangers! When I heard of the trade I was excited. I believe that Dempster was a pretty good starting pitcher for the Rangers. Although, in my opinion, the LA Angels did better in the trades when they acquired pitcher Zack Greinke, who most will say is a better pitcher than Ryan Dempster. I was disappointed in his debut but it did not get me down because now he can only improve, I hope. I was ecstatic to see the Rangers offence doing so good. Hamilton, who has been in a slump, has had two good games in a row now, and Kinsler did great at bat as well. Great game last night Rangers, keep it up.


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