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Kicks and Woodson Work on Finalizing Contract

Mike Woodson and the New York Knicks are currently in the process of creating a multiyear contract for Woodson to remain the Knicks head coach. It is believed that this contract should be finalized by the end of this week, possibly even tomorrow.

Last summer, 2011, the Knicks hired Mike Woodson to be the assistant head coach, and on March 14, 2012 Woodson took over as a temporary head coach when Mike D’Antoni stepped down from the position. With Woodson in charge the team greatly increased their wins as well as their chemistry. Mike Woodson coached the team to an 18-6 record (18 wins and 6 loses) from March 14, 2012 to April 26, 2012. The New York Knicks finished the regular season in 7th place in the Eastern Conference and entered the 2011-2012 Playoffs to play the Miami Heat in the first round. On May 6, 2012 the Knicks ended their 13-game postseason losing streak by beating the Heat in game 4, 89-87. Unfortunately, that was the only win the Knicks had and did not advance to the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

The Knicks organization is very pleased with the job Woodson has done with the team. General Manager and Woodson’s good friend, Glen Grunwald said, “Woody’s done a fantastic job. I can’t give him enough credit for the job he’s done since he’s been here.” Grunwald later added, “Normal coaching changes don’t result in such a dramatic improvement in a team’s performance so I think that speaks very well of him.”

Not only has Woodson impressed the Knicks staff but he has build relationships with the players as well. Many of the players are looking forward to Woodson remaining head coach with a multiyear contract. His main supporters are Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler, and Jeremy Lin. When asked about Woodson, Anthony said, “I’m hopeful he’s back. There’s no need to try to change it up now. I’m a big believer in sticking with what you have.”

In my opinion, the New York Knicks are making the right decision by keeping Mike Woodson as head coach. It is important to have a coach that has the respect of the players and the staff, and can work well with everyone. Woodson has already done great things with the Knicks in just a short amount of time and deserves this contract. I am interested to see how many years his contract will be and for how much.

Update: On Friday May 25, 2012 the New York Knicks and Woodson agreed upon a multiyear deal and it is done. Mike Woodson remains head coach of the New York Knicks for 2 more years with the 3rd year optional. Coach Woodson said, “I’m very humbled and honored to continue coaching the franchise where I started my NBA career. Our goal is to build off the success we had at the end of last season and to continue our quest of bringing an NBA championship to Madison Square Garden.”



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Orlando Magic Fired Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith

The 2011-2012 season was a roller coaster ride for the Orlando Magic, and not a good. On Monday May 21, 2012 the Orlando Magic fired head coach Stan Van Gundy, and General Manager Otis Smith. The announcement to the media came from Magic’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Alex Martins. He said, “On behalf of the DeVos Family (Magic’s owner), we sincerely appreciate and thank Otis and Stan for all that they have done on and off the floor for the Orlando Magic.” The Magic knew it was time to make a change so that is just what they did. Martin said, “There are the Days you dread in this business but we feel it’s time for new leadership and new voices.”

Stan Van Gundy was head coach of the Orlando Magic for 5 years and Otis Smith was Orlando’s general manager for six years, but the Orlando Magic organization made its decision and let the two go. Coach Gundy was a good coach for the team but it was time to part ways. In Orlando, Coach Gundy had a total win-lose record of 259-139. In 2009 Gundy coached the team all the way to winning the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, and the team finally got to played in the Finals. But in past two post seasons the Magic were not able to make it past the first round of the playoffs. Talking about Smith and Gundy, Martins said, “Their success is well documented, as the Orlando Magic has had the fourth best record in the NBA over the last five years, and entering the playoffs this year with the third most playoff wins over that period of time. The disappointment of getting eliminated in the first round of the playoffs these past two seasons played a primary role in our decision, as we feel our momentum toward winning a championship has paused. We wish Otis and Stan all the best and we look forward to taking the next step towards winning that championship.”

After the dysfunctional season Orlando had, most drama happening after the All-Star game from the team’s super star Dwight Howard, not many are surprised with this announcement. First the Magic’s star player Dwight Howard wanted to be traded to another team, then planned to stay with the Magic, next looked to sign with another team during his fee agency this summer, then felt forced to stay with the Magic another year and did so with a request that the organization fire coach Stan Van Gundy. After all that, Howard had back surgery and was unable to play in the 2011-2012 NBA Playoffs with his team that he would be with for one more year.

This move made by the Orlando Magic has been expected to happen and I believe it was a good move on their part. After reading about all that has gone on with the team this past season I did not see how Coach Gundy could have remained head coach of the same team and obtain control. Too much damage was done and the Orlando Magic had to do something about it. Now Orlando is turning their attention to Dwight Howard. The team does not want to go though the same thing that happened this past season so there is a possibility that if Howard does not see his future in Orlando he could be traded. Matins said, “I think the decision is on Dwight now.” It will be interesting to see what Howard decides and what other changes are made to the team.

To Read more of the drama that happened during the season:

Dwight Howard Wants Coach Gundy Fired

Dwight Howard is Staying in Orlando

Term to Know:

NBA General Manager – someone who makes personnel decisions. a general manager chooses and recruts players, and coaching and training staff. They may also take part in creating budgets and helping in marketing efforts.


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Spurs Enter Western Conference Finals Undefeated

All you hear about in NBA news right now is something to do with the Miami Heat and/or the Oklahoma City Thunder, which are the two teams many predict to play in the Finals of the 2011-2012 NBA Playoffs. But no one is really talking about the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs have quietly gone undefeated in the playoffs thus far. The Spurs faced the Utah Jazz in round one of the playoffs. The Spurs won the first 4 games, sweeping the Jazz right out of the playoffs. A sweep is when a team beats its opponent in every game of that matchup/series. The Spurs won game 1 106-91 (15 pts), game 2 114-83 (31 pts), game 3 102-90 (12 pts), and game 4 87-81 (6 pts). Then after a small break the Spurs were matched up with the LA Clippers in the Western Conference Semifinals. Again the Spurs won the first 4 games and swept the Clippers. The Spurs won game 1 108-92 (16 pts), game 2 105-88 (17 pts), game 3 96-86 (10 pts), and game 4 102-99 (3 pts).

Gregg Popovich, 2011-2012 Coach of the Year, coached his team to the Western Conference number 1 spot during the regular season, and now has coached them to an undefeated run in through the Western Conference Semifinals of the playoffs. Coach Popovich has been a great coach to the Spurs thus far, but not all credit goes to the coach. Some credit goes to the staff and players as well. The Spurs are playing to the best of their ability and not letting their older age get in the way. They are playing hard as a TEAM and keeping their eye on the prize of winning a 5th title for the franchise.

The San Antonio Spurs will play the winner of the Oklahoma City Thunder vs LA Lakers series in the Western Conference Finals. Currently OKC leads the series 3-1, and play game 5 tonight at 9:30 ET. Will the LA Lakers come back to win the series and play the SA Spurs, or will OKC progress to the next round? How Will the Spurs match-up with the young OKC team? Will the Spurs remain undefeated in the Western Conference Finals? the Finals?

I don’t know, but I do know this will be fun to watch.

My prediction:

  1. The Thunder beat the Lakers, and progress to play the Spurs.
  2. The Spurs lose to OKC in 6 games.
  3. OKC plays Boston or Indiana in the Finals
  4. OKC wins the Championship

What are your predictions?

Update: In game 1 Spurs beat the Thunder 101-98. The Spurs continue their winning streak this postseason now 9-0.

Also Miami beat Indiana and moved on to play Boston in the Eastern Conference Finals. In game 1 Miami beat Boston 93-79.

In game 2 Spurs beat the Thunder again 120-111. Their playoff winning steak then increased to 10-0.

In game 3 OKC Thunder came back and beat the San Antonio Spurs 102-82, and the Spurs winning streak came to an end. OKC also won game 4 109-103 tieing the series 2-2.

In game 5 the Thunder won 108-103, and lead over the Spurs 3-2 in the series.

Game 6 OKC finished it up and won 107-99. Spurs go home while OKC moves on to the Finals and wait to see who they will be playing… Boston or Miami?


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Giants get their Super Bowl Rings

On Wednesday night May 16, 2012 the New York Giants unveiled their Super Bowl XLVI rings. The ring was created by Tiffany & Co. with the input from the Giants ownership, general manager Jerry Reese, head coach Tom Coughlin, and the team captains Eli Manning, Justin Tuck, and Zak DeOssie.

The rings are made of 14-karat white gold and are covered in diamonds. On the top of the rings there are 4 Lombardi Trophies to represent all 4 of the Giants Super Bowl wins from 1986, 1990, 2007, and 2011. On the top of each trophy is a marquis diamond to represent the football part of the Lombardi Trophies. These trophies are also placed around the New York Giants logo that is filled with diamonds on top of some blue coloring. The players felt it was important to include their color in the ring to make it unique. Eli Manning said, “The blue makes it a little different. We wanted some blue–the Giants are Big Blue. We definitely wanted to get a little blue to spark it up a little bit.” There is also more blue, 37 blue sapphires, that circle around the top part of the rings, and just below the sapphires are the words “New York Giants 2011 World Champions.”

On one side of the ring is the player’s last name and the words “New York Football Giants” around the player’s number. Then below the number is the year the Giants were established, 1925, and the year of the Giants first two super bowl wins, 1986 and 1990. On the other side is the team’s name above the score of the super bowl game against the New England Patriots 21-17, and the Lombardi Trophy in the middle. Below the score is “Super Bowl XLVI” and the NFL logo with the other two years of the Giants super bowl wins, 2007 and 2011.

On the inside of the ring the words “Finished” and “All In” are engraved. These are the two inspirational phrases the team refered to during the 2011 season. “Finish” was a word that Coach Coughlin first used in training camp just before the season started and it stuck with the team. Coach Coughlin said, “The word ‘finish’ in there really captures a lot of emotion for me and a lot of focus that we took from Day One in camp after what was obviously not a very pleasant offseason. But the fact that our players can quote to you what this means to them and how they were reinforced by this over and over, I think that says a lot. I’ll always look upon that.” The phrase “All In” came to the team later in the season from a Union City Teacher’s speech that was heard by a few of the player.

The whole New York Giants organization are very happy with the way the ring turned out. This team worked hard to create a ring that is inspirational, unique, and …well amazing. Tuck said, “We wanted it to represent the four trophies and have that feeling that you made the best ring that you could have made. I think we captured that.”

The ceremony took place at Tiffany & Co. for the second time in 4 years. During the ceremony the team reunited and reminisced about the year, including  Dave Tollefson, Devin Thomas, Jonathan Goff, and Kareem McKenzie who joined other teams in the offseason or are current free agents. All the players see their ring as a reminder of all they accomplished in the 2011 season and look forward to it motivating them to do it again. Talking about his team, the Giants, player Justin Tuck said, “Our thing now is we want to be a dynasty. We want to make it a dynasty.”

In sports a dynasty is basically when a team wins multiple championships during a limited amount of time, typically being a 10 year period.

During the ceremony many of the players mentioned the word “dynasty”. But Manning knows that if a player is going to say that word they need to also accept the work that goes with it and be dedicated to accomplish such a goal. The team believes they are and see the ring as motivation and a reminder of what it took to get to where they are now. During the ceremony Antrel Rolle said, “With us, and personally myself, having this feeling right now, it can definitely make me push the edge and the envelope a little bit and try to get everyone on the same page at an earlier point in time and not have such a roller-coaster season.”

Rolle also added, “This is a great piece of hardware on our hand right now, but we can always have more rings. Just ask Michael Jordan.”

Tuck said, “I think the second ring makes you that much more hungrier. Because you get there the first time, you are in awe. You are like, ‘Oh God, this might not ever happen again.’ And then you win a second one and you are like, ‘Hey, maybe we can do something here.'”

The Giants are talking about a big commitment and a lot of hard work, but that is an amazing ring and I am sure the feeling they felt during the ceremony was indescribable. I look forward to seeing how many of them really back up their words and walk the walk.


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LeBron James 2011-2012 MVP

On Saturday May 12, 2012 LeBron James was announced the winner of the 2012 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award. With 85 of a possible 121 first-place votes James received his third MVP award and became the eighth player to ever accomplish this achievement. James had many to thank for this award. James said, “This is a team game and I wouldn’t be receiving what I’ve received in the past and now in the present without my teammates and without my family and friends who’ve helped me to this point.”

Although LeBron James is honored to receive this award, he believes winning his first championship is more important.  James said, “This is very overwhelming to me as an individual award. But this is not the award I want, ultimately. I want that championship. That’s all that matters to me.” The Miami Heat Assistant Coach, Bob McAdoo said, “If you ask him, a world championship or an individual award, he’ll take the world championship every time.”

During the 2011-2012 regular season LeBron James averaged 27.1 points, 6.2 assists, 1.8 steals, and 7.9 rebounds per game. James started his NBA career as a Cleveland Cavaliers at the age of 18. He played in Cleveland for 7 seasons and then signed as a free agent in the 2010 off-season to the Miami Heat. During his first season with the Heat, James and his team went all the way to play in the Championship series, but lost to the Dallas Mavericks. This season the Miami Heat is currently playing in the Easter Conference Semifinals of the 2011-2012 playoffs.

LeBron James is a competitive and aggressive NBA player that is very talented. Congratulations to James for this award.


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Frank Vogel talks about Miami Heat

The Indianapolis Pacers beat the Orlando Magic in a 4-1 series in the 1st round of the playoffs and will move on to play the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Miami also beat their 1st round opponent, the New York Knicks, in a 4-1 series. Game 1 of the IND vs MIA Eastern Conference Semifinals series will be in Miami on Sunday May 13, 2012 at 3:30 pm ET.

Yesterday May 10, 2012 during the Pacers practice Coach Frank Vogel took the time to talk about the team’s future matchup, Miami, in an interview. Coach Vogel said, “They are the biggest flopping team in the NBA. It’ll be very interesting (to see) how the referees officiate the series and how much flopping they reward.”

According to Miami was ranked number 4 in teams that drew the most charges in the regular season. LaBron James and Dwyane Wade are known in the NBA as players that draw the most fouls. In the first round of the playoffs the Heat obtained 151 free-throw attempts, and the Knicks only got 109. Currently in the NBA post-season LeBron James is ranked number 1 in free-throw attempts per game at 11.4. This means right now LaBron gets to go to the line more times in a game than any other player, averaging just over 11 free throw attempts per game in the playoffs.

Frank Vogel talked more about Miami’s plays when he said, “Every drive to the basket, they have guys not making a play on the ball, but sliding in front of drivers.” Vogel added. “Oftentimes they’re falling down even before contact is even being made. It’ll be interesting to see how the series is officiated.”

On Wednesday May 9, 2012 Miami’s coach, Erik Spoelstra predicted the next series against Indiana to be a physical matchup. Coach Spoelstra said, “This next series, I’m sure, will feel like it’s played in a cage rather than on a basketball court. It’ll be that physical.”

After watching a few games of the Miami vs New York series I agree with Coach Vogel. The team, LeBron most of all, was flopping all over the place. Sometimes players flopped even before any contact was made. There was one flop I remember most of all and it came from LeBron James after a hit from Tyson Chandler. This happened just after James drew a foul by flopping after contact with JR Smith. Chandler came up behind James leaning forward to nudge him and created the contact. Then, in my opinion, it looks like after the contact LeBron then threw his head back for a show and acted out a silly flop that the refs gave him. I agreed that a foul should have been called on Chandler, but I did not agree with the flagrant (unnecessary, violent contact) call that was given. That was just crazy.

This next matchup, IND vs MIA will be very interesting and I am sure we will all get to see more flops from the LeBron James and Miami Heat show.


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Rangers need to Re-Sign Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton will be a free agent when the season ends, if the Rangers do not extend his contract and re-sign him. The Rangers have had many chances to extend Hamilton’s contract this past Fall and Winter of 2011-2012 but have not done so. I guess they wanted to wait and see how he plays this season and how his injuries stand up. Richard Durret with said, “Hamilton knows that how well he plays — and whether he stays healthy — can have a large impact on his next deal.”

This season only started a month ago, April 6, 2012, and the Rangers have played a total of 28 games. So far this season Josh Hamilton has been playing to the best of his ability. Hamilton has been amazing, and is currently ranked number 4 in batting average. To see the ranking click here.  While at bat Hamilton already has 9 homes runs and has batted in 26 runners. He has hit the ball 37 times and has safely made it to 67 bases. But lets not forget his fielding talent. Not only is Hamilton a good batter, but he is also a great fielder. Hamilton can play any of the three outfield positions: Center Field, Left Field, and Right Field. This season Hamilton has completed 54 putouts with no errors. Hamilton says he prefers the center position but “will do whatever they ask me to do.”

But even with being a great player Josh Hamilton does have two recurring injuries. He has to be careful of back stiffness and a groin injury. Hamilton was out almost a total of 6 weeks last season because of a groin injury. So far this season Hamilton has missed 3 games due to a stiff back. On Sunday April 29th after a hit and run to first Josh Hamilton noticed spasms in his back. Then during a run and slide into 2nd base Hamilton’s back began to hurt even more. When Hamilton got back to the dugout he did not come back into the game. Hamilton still planned to play in Monday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays but the Manager of the Rangers, Ron Washington decided to keep Hamilton out during that series. Just before the last game of the Rangers vs. Blue Jays series on May 2, 2012 Washington explained to Ben & Skin on ESPN Dallas Radio that the turf on the Blue Jay’s field is not good for Hamilton to be playing on when his back is already acting up. Washington talked again how playing on turf affects all the Rangers. He said, “When you play on turf, it’s a little different if you’re playing on it every day, Than coming up in here for a series and you haven’t been used to it. It shocks your body. Everybody’s dealing with soreness the past three days, but we’re not using that as an excuse to not win a ballgame.”

Josh Hamilton is loved by all Rangers fans, Rangers staff, and his teammates. Whenever you go to a Rangers game you will see more Hamilton jerseys than any other player. Personally I am a huge fan of Hamilton, not only because of his talent, but because of his personality as well. I have never meet Hamilton, but I love to listen to him talk. Hamilton has been through so much in his life and still remains positive. He is a great role model for all, knowing that no matter how bad your situation is, you can always change. In June 2011 Josh Hamilton appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman in June 2011 which you can watch a clip of below. It was almost a year ago and before his second relapse, but it is a good interview.

I know that before the Rangers can offer Hamilton a contract extension they need to look at all aspects of things, like the injury, money, timing, other options, etc. But if the Rangers wait till Josh Hamilton becomes a free agent, they are taking a risk of losing him to another team. If Hamilton becomes a free agent many teams will do all they can to sign him. When asked about the issue of not receiving a contract extension yet and how he feels, Hamilton said, “It all depends on what kind of season I have. It’s either having faith that I’m going to play all year and have a good season or I could say, ‘Oh no, I’m scared and I don’t know if I’m going to play or if I get hurt and if I should take any kind of deal that comes my way.’ I have faith.” I feel that Rangers need to re-sign Josh Hamilton as soon as possible. He is a great leader on and off the field. Hamilton is a talented baseball player and one the Rangers need to keep on their team despite his recurring injuries. He is more of a positive to the team with his talent on the field and amazing personality, then a negative with his occasional back stiffness and groin pains. RE-SIGN JOSH HAMILTON!

UPDATE: On Monday May 7, 2012 the Texas Rangers started their series against the Baltimore Orioles. The Rangers won 14-3 with Josh Hamilton getting 1 HR (Home Run) and 2 RBIs (Runs Batted In). Tuesday May 8, 2012 the Rangers beat the Orioles again 10-3. During this game Josh Hamilton became the 16th player to ever get 4 HRs in one game. Hamilton was 5-5 tonight, meaning within 5 times at bat Hamilton hit the ball every time. He had 4 homers and a double. What an outstanding game for Josh Hamilton. His batting average has now gone up from .381 to .406. Hamilton is also now ranked number 1 in the AL (American League) in HR (14) and RBIs (36). RE-SIGN JOSH HAMILTON!

JOSH HAMILTON BATTING STATS SUMMARY from April 6, 2012 to May 6, 2012:

SEASON 25 97 20 37 67 3 0 9 26 9 3 19 2 1 .381 .431 .691 1.122 1.32
MLB Totals 614 2360 388 735 1295 145 17 127 451 212 36 477 38 10 .311 .369 .549 .917 1.16
Minors Totals 290 1150 183 335 545 73 10 39 186 86 10 232 49 12 .291 .339 .474 .813 1.33

G – (Games) number of games a player has appeared in

AB – (At Bats) number of times a player bats

R – (Runs) number of times a batter safely makes it to home plate

H – (Hits) number of time a batter hits the ball and safely makes it to base.

TB – (Total Bases) the number of bases a batter safely makes it to, and or passes

2B – (Doubles) number of times a batter hits a ball and safely makes it to 2nd base

3B – (Triples) number of times a batter hits a ball and safely makes it to 3rd base

HR – (Home Runs) when a batter hits a ball and safely makes it all the way to home plate, this is always when the batter hits the ball over the fence in the back field

RBI – (Runners Batted In) number of runners that safely cross home plate because of balls that the batter hits.

BB – (Bases on Balls) number of times a batter gets to walk to 1st base, this is when the pitcher throws 4 balls before he throws 3 strikes to the batter, or when the pitcher hits the batter with the ball

IBB – (Intentional Bases on Balls) number of times a pitcher intentionally walks a batter by throwing 4 balls on purpose or hits the player with the ball on purpose

SO – (Strike Outs) number of times a batter strikes out, this is when the pitcher throws 3 strikes before he throws 4 balls

SB – (Stolen Bases) number of times a runner successfully steals a base

CS – (Caught Stealing) number of times a runner is caught trying to steal base and is tagged out

AVG – (Batting Average) H divided by AB

OBP – (On-Base Percentage) (H+BB+HBP) divided by (AB+BB+HBP+SF)      note: HBP – hits by pitch; SF – sacrifice fly balls

SLG – (Slugging Percentage) TB divided by AB

OPS – (On-Base Plus Slugging) OBP + SLG

GO/AO – (Ground Outs/Air Outs Ratio) the ratio of a batters outs      note: GO- number of ground balls hit that result in an out for the batter; AO – air balls that are hit by the batter and caught by a player to get the batter out


SEASON OF 24 24 209.0 56 54 2 0 1 2.33 1.000
MLB Totals LF 204 176 1576.2 371 351 12 8 2 1.78 .978
MLB Totals CF 332 303 2602.1 779 754 15 10 8 2.32 .987
MLB Totals RF 68 66 580.0 166 157 7 2 2 2.41 .988
MLB Totals OF 559 545 4759.0 1316 1262 34 20 12 2.32 .985

POS – (Position) the position the player plays on the field

GS – (Games Started) the number of games the player has started in

INN – (Innings at this Position) the number of innings the player has played this position

TC – (Total Chances) the number of chances the player gets to make a play with a ball that was hit

PO – (Putouts) the number of times the player catches a ball that puts out the batter

A – (Assists) the number of times the player catches the ball and throws it to a teammate to get the batter or runner out

E – (Errors) the number of times the defensive player, or player on the field, makes a mistake that allows the runner to get to an extra base

DP – (Double Plays) the number of times a player on the field gets the ball that was hit and throws it to a teammate that gets a runner out and then throws it to another teammate that gets another runner out.

RF – (Range Factors) the sum of (PO+A)*9 divided by INN of that particular POS

FPCT – (Fielding Percentage) the effectiveness of a player calculated by (A+PO) divided by TC


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Tyson Chandler 2011-2012 NBA Defensive Player of the Year

On Wednesday May 2, 2012 Tyson Chandler was named the 2011-2012 NBA Defensive Player of the Year from the KIA Performance Awards. A well deserved honor, if you ask me. Tyson Chandler is a beast in the paint, a team player, and so much fun to watch play. Last year Chandler played with the Dallas Mavericks when they won their first Championship. Over the summer he became a free agent and signed with the New York Knicks. From last season to this season Tyson Chandler has made a HUGE impact on the New York Knick’s Defense. In the 2010-2011 season the Knicks were ranked 21st in defense efficiency (how well the defense of a team causes their opponents to miss their shots, and or causes turnovers), this season they are ranked 5th. That is a big jump. The Knicks not only increased in defense efficiency but also moved up in opponent field goal percentage (how well a team keeps their opponents from scoring their normal amount of points at field goal range) from 26th to 10th, and opponent points in the paint (how well a team keeps their opponents from making points in the paint) from 28th to 8th. Chandler also grabbed 22.1 percent of the defensive rebounds while he  was on the floor. Tyson Chandler has fought hard to earn this award, and he deserves it. He is the first New York Knicks to ever receive this award. Well done Tyson Chandler! Congratulations!


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Amare Stoudemire Hurt His Hand

Amare Stoudemire let his emotions get the best of him after Game 2 in the first series of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Monday night the New York Knicks were extremely frustrated and upset after losing their second game in Miami, 104-94. When the game ended the angry Knicks walked back to the locker room knowing they are now down 0-2 in Round 1 best-of-seven series. Stoudemire feeling really upset on the way to the locker room, punched a glass case surrounding a fire extinguisher. A witness explained to Chris Broussard with ESPN Magazine, “He didn’t haul off and punch a glass; he hit it out of frustration. He kind of slapped it, but with a closed fist. He said he thought it was plastic instead of glass.” The glass broke and cut Stoudemire’s hand.

Stoudemire got a laceration on the palm of his right hand, on the side of his pinky finger. Many who saw it were worried he may have cut a ligament or tendon. Paramedics and team doctors from both teams were called in to tend to Stoudemire’s hand. They stitched, bandaged, and wrapped the injury. They also concluded that there was no damage done to any ligaments or tendons. Amare Stoudemire was seen leaving Miami’s arena Monday night with his hand heavily wrapped with bandages and his arm set in a sling.

In a post-game interview teammate Tyson Chandler said, “He’s probably going to be out. I don’t know how bad it is. .. Your emotions run high. In a split second, a decision can alter things. You can’t fault anybody. We’ve got to deal with the repercussions. “

Later that night Stoudemire tweeted, “I am so mad at myself right now. I want to apologize to the fans and my team, not proud of my actions. Headed home for a new start.” Then moments later he added, “We all have done things out of anger that we regret. That makes us human. Bad timing on my part. Sorry guys. This to shall pass.”

Yesterday Tuesday May 1, 2012 Stoudemire went to see a hand specialist at the Hospital of Special Surgery. The surgeon repaired a small muscle in his hand, stitched him back up, and sent him on his way. Due to this injury, Stoudemire will sit out Game 3 against Miami on Thursday, and possibly Game 4 on Sunday. No one has said when they expect Stoudemire to return.

It is clear Amare Stoudemire punched the fire extinguisher case out of frustration, but what made him so frustrated? He has not explained his reasoning, but I am guessing it could be one of two things. One, it could be simply because the Knicks lost Game 2 and are down 0-2 in Round 1. Or it could have been a buildup of things, and the loss was the last straw. Stoudemire has had a difficult year with injuries and working hard to get back into shape and return to the court. He also missed some time in February to be with his family after hearing that his brother died in a car accident.

I could not imagine what it would be like to be injured and have to work your body back up to par in just a few months, and on top of it losing a sibling. That is heartbreaking. Then after all that, he finally gets to play again just in time to see the season coming to an end so early in playoffs. Yes the Knicks are not out yet, but it does bring a team down when they are down 0-2. Whether it was simply the loss or a buildup of other things, everyone can relate to losing their cool at least once during a moment of frustration.

I wish Stoudemire a speedy recovery. I am sure the team and fans will miss him while he is out.


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