Ron Washington Contract extension

The Rangers have offered a two-year contract extension to manager Ron Washington. Ron Washington has been the coach of the Texas Rangers since 2007. His contract would have expired after this coming season (2012), but now his time with the Rangers has been extended till after the 2014 season unless he is offered another contract extension after the 2013 season. Mr. Washington has had an amazing career as a manager with the Rangers. In the past four seasons he has increased their wins each year. In 2007 they had 75 wins, 79 in 2008, 87 in 2009, 90 in 2010, and 96 in 2011. It is stated in the Dallas News Blog that “He is the first manager in major league history to increase his team’s win total in four consecutive seasons after his initial year with a club.” Also in the past two seasons he has coached the Rangers all the way to winning American League Pennants and getting to play in the past two World Series.

With a coaching record of 427 wins and 383 losses these last 5 seasons, I believe this was the right move for the Texas Rangers. Ron Washington has been a great coach and I look forward to what this season will bring.


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