JET is getting TWO Rings!

Jason Terry is getting two Championship Rings! What does he want two for?

JET purchased two rings and plans on keeping one for himself and will raffle off the duplicate. Each raffle ticket is said to be $10.00 and the raffle will be open for 1 month. Mr. Terry said that all the money will go to his foundation and he is interested in raising money so he can send the Lady Jets to China this year. The Lady Jets is an Amateur Athletic Union (AAC) basketball team that one of Jason’s daughters plays for and is coached by the JET himself.

Terry and the rest of the team will be receiving their rings at tonight’s game. Then Terry will release more information about where people can purchase a raffle ticket on his foundation website.

UPDATE: You can buy tickets to the raffle by going to Tickets are $2 each with a minimum purchase of 5 tickets. If you buy between 50-99 they are $1 each, or if you buy 100 or more they are $0.75 each. They will be drawing a name on March 26th. He will be presenting the ring himself to the winner along with two tickets to the Lakers game, a personal locker room tour with Terry, and hotel accommodations.


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