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Mavs get their Rings!

On January 25, 2012 the Dallas Maverick Champs finally got their rings. It was truly a night to remember. The Mavericks were  playing the Minnesota Timberwolves in Dallas that night which allowed Jose Juan Barea the chance to be apart of the ceremony. Also the newly retired, Peja Stojakovic came to be apart of the ceremony. All that was missing was Corey Brewer, Tyson Chandler, Caron Butler, and DeShawn Stevenson who will all be presented with their rings in the near future.

Mark Cuban announced each individual player as they approached the table to receive their Championship Ring. The ring is truly spectacular, and was made by Jonstens. Mark Cuban is said to have spent 1.4 million on the Mavericks first ever title rings for the 2010-2011 Championship. The rings contain 250 diamonds and is 10 karats weighing 92 grams. The top of the ring says “World Champions” and contains the current Mavs logo made with many diamonds that include, as Jonstens states “31 princess-cut diamonds — one for each year the Dallas Mavericks have been in Dallas and the NBA.” The team motto, “The Time is Now,” team name, the Larry O’Brien trophy, and year 2011 is on one side of the ring. On the other side the player’s last name and their jersey number. The Mavs wanted to honor their first owner Don Carter so inside the ring you will see the Dallas Mavericks first logo, along with the record of each series in the playoffs and the opponent’s name. Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, and Jason Terry did an amazing job with helping design this ring along with Mark Cuban and Jonstens.


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JET is getting TWO Rings!

Jason Terry is getting two Championship Rings! What does he want two for?

JET purchased two rings and plans on keeping one for himself and will raffle off the duplicate. Each raffle ticket is said to be $10.00 and the raffle will be open for 1 month. Mr. Terry said that all the money will go to his foundation and he is interested in raising money so he can send the Lady Jets to China this year. The Lady Jets is an Amateur Athletic Union (AAC) basketball team that one of Jason’s daughters plays for and is coached by the JET himself.

Terry and the rest of the team will be receiving their rings at tonight’s game. Then Terry will release more information about where people can purchase a raffle ticket on his foundation website.

UPDATE: You can buy tickets to the raffle by going to Tickets are $2 each with a minimum purchase of 5 tickets. If you buy between 50-99 they are $1 each, or if you buy 100 or more they are $0.75 each. They will be drawing a name on March 26th. He will be presenting the ring himself to the winner along with two tickets to the Lakers game, a personal locker room tour with Terry, and hotel accommodations.


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Rick Carlisle on Galloway and Company

First of all let me fill you in on a little history to help you better understand this blog: Last season (2010-2011) Rodrique Beaubois, #3 on the Dallas Mavericks started the season off being hurt. When announced later in the season that he was getting better and will play again soon, fans and media got excited. People believed Beaubois, also known as Roddy B., would be everything the Mavs have been waiting for. The Roddy bandwagon had started. Even after his rough start coming back fans still believed, until playoffs were here and Roddy did not turn out to be what they expected.

On January 19th Rodrigue Beaubois had a pretty good game against the Utah Jazz making a total of 17 points. Roddy was the second highest scorer for the Mavs that night, the first being Sean Marion with 22 points. Roddy’s one great game got his fans excited again. The next day on ESPN Dallas radio 103.3 during ‘Galloway and Company’ Randy Galloway and Matt Mosley got the chance to talk to Mavericks head coach, Rick Carlisle. In the conversation Randy and Matt started talking about the hype and excitement that fans and media had again for Roddy B. after the game. Rick said, “That’s one of the issues with Roddy is that you know the perception of him as an entertainer vs. the reality of him as a competitor. What we need is Roddy the competitor and what you guys love is Roddy the entertainer. And look I mean what wins is Roddy the competitor.” The coach continues with talking about Roddy’s great game last night, and how he played as the player they want and need him to be. Rick states that he believes Roddy can do it and is on track to be more consistent. He said Roddy’s teammates are helping him with this by praising him when he earns it and by holding him accountable for his actions on the court. When Randy and Matt bring back the bandwagon talk, coach Carlisle response, “Hold on let me just say one thing about this though, If you are really going to be a responsible Roddy B. fan, if you really want this guy to be everything you want him to be you gotta be talking about it on the air, in your broadcasting, about how the guy needs to compete and not just do some spectacular things every once in a while. Your giving him bad reinforcement by only reinforcing the spectacular plays and not getting on him when he doesn’t play hard enough.”

This really makes me happy that coach Carlisle says this because I am not a fan of Roddy B’s spectacular moves on the court during games. When Roddy tries to put on a show with his moves it seems to get him and the team into trouble with turnovers and costing the Mavericks points. I have always felt that hRoddy B was not a good player because of his need to show off. Maybe if Roddy focuses more and tries to be more of a competitor he will be more consistent and prove me wrong. So although it is all up to Roddy to do this, I agree with what the coach says, and I hope his fans start getting more excited about his competitiveness and less enthused about his amazing moves.


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The Dallas Mavericks New Comers

After the lockout was over, the Dallas Mavericks did not make much of an offer to their own free agents. With the Mavs trying not to go over the salary cap with the new CBA terms this year, Mark Cuban only offered a 1-year contract to Tyson Chandler and Jose Juan Barea, but they were looking for a long-term contract. Tyson and JJ declined the offer from the Mavs and went to different teams. Caron Butler and DeShawn Stevenson also went to new teams. Then came the news of Peja Stojakovic’s retirement. Also, the Mavs traded Rudy Frenandez and Corey Brewer for a second round draft pick in 2016. The Dallas Mavericks were only able to sign back one player from last year to a one year contract and that was Brian Cardinal.

Between the departure Tyson, JJ, DeShawn, Caron, and Cory and the 6 new players that the Mavericks have signed (Lamar Odom, Delonte West, Vince Carter, Sean Williams, Brandon Write, and Yi Jianlian) there is a lot of adjustment to be made for this new team. After watching the Dallas Mavericks play the first 16 games of the season, I have developed my own opinion on each new player.

Delonte West – I believe he is a great addition to this Mavericks team, and a great replacement for JJ. This guy can shoot, steal, drive to the basket, make assists, and so much more. I love how hard and energetic he plays on the court. He is fast and aggressive. Delonte West came to Dallas jumping right into this team and is doing great! West did outstanding as a starter while filling in for Kidd when he was hurt. I would really like to see the Mavs sign West to a longer contract if he keeps out of trouble off the court.

Vince Carter – I have also been impressed with Carter. He has a great shot and plays hard. Vince Carter came to Dallas and just fit right in as well. He is not afraid to pull up and take risky shots. Carter also looks to be a good addition to the team.

Brandon Wright – I think Wright seems to be a good player as well. He gets into the game and gets rebounds, dunks, and does not have a bad shot either. I look forward to seeing what else Wright can do and brings to this team for the rest of this season.

Sean Williams – I have only seen Williams play a few minutes in a few games, but over all, I like what I saw. Coming off the bench, he is energetic, aggressive, and focused. Williams comes into the game and blocks, dunks, and gets the offensive and defensive rebounds. He really plays hard when the coach puts him in. The only thing Williams needs is to be coached and helped to not make so many silly fouls. That will come in time, I am sure!

Lamar Odom – I have not liked Odom thus far. I was really hoping to see a lot more from him, and have been really disappointed. About the first 10 games as a Maverick and getting minutes in all of them, Lamar Odom just has this “I don’t really care, I am too good for this, and don’t even want to be here” look on his face and his actions also reflected it. I still see that look and attitude, but have also seen glimpses of Odom trying a little more to be part of the team in the last maybe 6 games. Even with every teammate trying to include Odom, I just don’t see him making much of an effort for this team. I know he has been through a lot, but I feel that if he really was trying it would show a lot more. West has been through a lot too, but you don’t see him pouting and letting things affect his game. I hope this changes but I guess we will see as the season goes on.

Yi Jianlian– I have only seen Yi play in the last few games – getting very little minutes if any, so I have not yet formed an opinion about Yi. I do, however, like that he has said he is excited to be in Dallas.

Maybe The Dallas Mavericks don’t have the same team from last year, but I still believe the Mavs have a fighting chance at another title.


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Yu Darvish

On Wednesday January 18, 2012 the Texas Rangers signed 25-year-old Japenese pitcher, Yu Darvish. Darvish agrees to a 6 year, 60 million contract. This means he will get an average of about 10 million each year for 6 years. That is a lot of money. Buster Olney with ESPN the Magazine said, “Yu Darvish is the most expensive right-handed pitcher in Baseball history.” Now we will just have to wait till the season starts to see what he’s got and to see if he can handle this Texas heat.

What is next for the Rangers? Rangers have also been meeting with Prince Fielder this month. Fielder is a 1st baseman with a salary of about 15 million last season. But the Rangers also have to keep in mind, their own Josh Hamilton will be a free agent after the 2012 season is over. Josh is loved by many Ranger fans and has played for the Rangers since 2008, 4 years now. Hamilton’s salary last season was about 8 million.

Now that the Rangers have Yu, what can they afford to do now? Can they afford Fielder too? or both Fielder and Hamilton? Will the Rangers offer Hamilton a contract extension? Only time will tell.

UPDATE: Prince Fielder signed a  9 year contract with the  Detroit Tigers for 214 Million. Now we are still waiting to see what the Rangers will do with Josh Hamilton.


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